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Just so sick of it

The whole Lebronathon that so many people seem addicted to just wore my patience out and made me kind of sick. I feel like there are so many other causes/areas of concern that deserve an hour of our country's time.  Why did so many casual sports fans care so much about this? I am so puzzled. I love basketball and I love seeing it played at it's highest level. However, do I value it enough to support 1 hour "specials" about multi-millionaires?  My brother took me to a Celtics game and each seat was close to $300, and those weren't even close to the most expensive. Was it worth it?
A few rants about the forward formerly known as a Cavalier:No "King" until you get a ring, chump.Oh, let me pass the hat for you and put you on the all-humanitarian team: You "sacrificed" to "take your talents to South Beach" for ONLY $110 Million dollars. (If he stayed in Cleveland or went to another team without D-Wade and Bosh, he could have made $120 Million dollars)What happened in the second round this year, bron-bron? Couldn't step it up? Very little said about you wilting like the greens in my compost when the Celts rolled into town. Oh, sorry. It was Mike Brown's fault. 
A few final questions:Are we fighting a war right now? Are we stupid, or is it the economy?Did you really need to listen to ESPN and CBS talk about where Lebron might go for all of those months?  If yes, what are you doing with your time these days, now that it is over? Just curious. 
Posted on: May 9, 2010 9:04 pm

Getting sucked back in

Here I go again, rooting for the Celtics in the playoffs, getting emotional during the highs and lows of each game, believing they are championship contenders. WHY DO I DO THIS? As the regular season wore down, I told everyone that I wouldn't be surprised if they lost in the first round. But whaddya know? They played pretty well against Miami. At least they turned their basketball IQ up, raised their intensity, and showed some flashes of the '07 spirit. Then came the Cavs, and I was like, Oh, shhhhhh. Lebron, Shaq, Antawn Jamison. But whaddya know, The C's have turned it up even further and, besides game 3, are looking great. Yes, Paul Pierce is a worry right now, and it is unsettling, but Rondo seems to have decided to take up the slack and then some. Now, he only trails Larry Legend in Celtics' playoff triple doubles. Anyways, my point is, I'm sucked back in, pulling my hair out, yelling at the TV, clapping and stomping. I tell myself not to do it, to not  put myself through it, but I'm right back in, and I love it.
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Common birthdays amongst stars and players

I have this desk calendar that has 365 daily sports facts on it, but it also lists birthdays. I've always been intrigued about putting together all-star teams of players that share the same birthdays. I keep three categories: one is just a flat out superstars team that has players from any sport. Even though I can't decide what sport they'd play, it is fun to see amazing players of various sports together. The second team is an all star team of players of different positions from the same sport. The third team is players from the same position. I try to only look for teams of 3 players or more. I'll post more as I find them.

Take these teams:
Darryl Strawberry
Steve Finley
Raul Mondesi

3/28- Basketball
Jerry Sloan
Rick Barry
Len Elmore
Byron Scott  (I know, a lot of guards, but that's a pretty good foursome for hoops!)

3/31-Ice Hockey
Gordie Howe
Bob Pulford
Tom Barrasso
Pavel Bure

Tony Dorsett
Ricky Watters
Ronde and Tiki Barber
(How crazy is that? 3 pretty damn good RBs)

Turk Farrell
Jim "Catfish" Hunter
Gary Carter
Ricky Bell

Just for shits and giggles, how funny is it that Pervis Ellison and Michael Olowokandi share the same birthday (4/3) ?
another fun one is Bert Blyleven, Sterling Sharpe, and Bret Boone: The all-aliteration team (4/6)

Posted on: April 6, 2010 8:07 pm

Why I hate Duke

I have always hated Duke. The squeaky clean, smarter than the others feel I get from them just makes me ill. I will be the first to admit that I am envious of their winning, but I refuse to concede that my envy is the beginning and end of why I hate them. Here are three reasons
Coach K bothers me, and to be honest, it's not really anything that he says to the media or in interviews. Actually, I take that back, it IS related to what he says, because he usually says the right things and comes across as a very fair, decent guy. So here's the rub: I can't stand how he gets on officials. If you watch him, he'll get his scowl, rat face right up to an official and let him have it. He looks like he could kill. Really watch him closely and you'll see a different side of this "Great guy." Hey, everyone else does it, so no big deal, right? No, it isn't a big deal if you own it and it is part of your personality. Coach K doesn't own it, and to the detriment of us all, the media certainly doesn't own it. It is glossed over like the town drunk's eyes at 3am on a Saturday.

I find Duke teams to be soft, whiny, babies who can dish out but not take the physical play. I must admit that this year's team was pretty tough, and in the championship game, they held their own. But on the whole, players like Hurley, Laettner, Wojo, Scheyer, JJ Redick (don't get me started on this a-hole), McRoberts and Greg Paulus. Just throwing up in my mouth typing their names, remembering their disbelieving faces whenever a whistle went against them. Very hysterical and bitchy is what I picture when I think of Duke players.

What's the definition of the bunch of idiots known as Cameron Crazies? Answer: Trust funders whose definition of crazy is sleeping in a tent outside a stadium in Durham, NC to go cheer for a men's basketball team.  Oh, yeah, forgot the blue body/face paint and jumping up and down yelling "ohhhhhh." when the other team has the ball. Wow. I'm impressed. That's f-ing as crazy as it gets. Reminds me of Tommy Boy: "Oh, sure. plenty to do: throw stuff off the bridge, cow tipping."

Anyway, that's really it. It's all about me and my hatred for blue devils. Basically, I hate the devil. Is that so wrong?
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