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Just so sick of it

Posted on: July 11, 2010 9:52 pm
The whole Lebronathon that so many people seem addicted to just wore my patience out and made me kind of sick. I feel like there are so many other causes/areas of concern that deserve an hour of our country's time.  Why did so many casual sports fans care so much about this? I am so puzzled. I love basketball and I love seeing it played at it's highest level. However, do I value it enough to support 1 hour "specials" about multi-millionaires?  My brother took me to a Celtics game and each seat was close to $300, and those weren't even close to the most expensive. Was it worth it?
A few rants about the forward formerly known as a Cavalier:No "King" until you get a ring, chump.Oh, let me pass the hat for you and put you on the all-humanitarian team: You "sacrificed" to "take your talents to South Beach" for ONLY $110 Million dollars. (If he stayed in Cleveland or went to another team without D-Wade and Bosh, he could have made $120 Million dollars)What happened in the second round this year, bron-bron? Couldn't step it up? Very little said about you wilting like the greens in my compost when the Celts rolled into town. Oh, sorry. It was Mike Brown's fault. 
A few final questions:Are we fighting a war right now? Are we stupid, or is it the economy?Did you really need to listen to ESPN and CBS talk about where Lebron might go for all of those months?  If yes, what are you doing with your time these days, now that it is over? Just curious. 
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